About Olive Tree Global Education

Olive Tree Global Education Campus has been set up on the premise that children benefit more when they are motivated to learn rather than just taught. We believe that when learning is exploratory and creative, children develop not just academically but also responsibly along with values and ethics, they will cherish through their lives. We have carefully customized the campus to ensure that every child confidently learns in secure and supportive environment and savours fully the joys of learning.

In essence, we strive to provide education that will foster and nurture the innate talents and abilities in every child and shape them into citizens of tomorrow, that will make the parents and school proud.

The elements of the stated motto of Olive Tree Global Education Campus include:

Bring world class education within the reach of families residing in Chennai.

Aim to produce not just great students, but great people who live with honesty, confidence and integrity.

Ensure every deliverable is of the highest world standard, enabling the children to be the global citizens of tomorrow.

Pursue our conviction that learning is more interesting and effective when the children are stress free by having a fun, vibrant, learning environment which is a catalyst for success.

Train the children to confidently face different situations by applying the knowledge and skills they have acquired.

Empower the children with self-confidence and high self-esteem.

About the Promoters

The Legacy
of Olive Tree

The Legacy

The first step of Olive Foundation in the field of education, was Olive Tree International School. This school was founded with the noble objective of initiating children into the world of learning and to impart in them high moral values so that they become men & women of outstanding caliber, and serve our society with high integrity and leadership that reflects all the love and wisdom of the Almighty God. Established in 2017, Olive Tree International School is located in Kodungaiyur, Chennai. Situated in a large amiable campus with best-in-class educators, it ensures that students are geared to become global citizens and are fully equipped to take on the exciting challenges of the world. The success of this school and the recognition that Olive Tree has earned in the field of education has paved the way to set up the Olive Tree Global Educational Campus.

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